How it Works

A Culture of Appreciation

1. Send gifts and rewards in minutes
Send gift announcements to any email inbox. No shipping address required.

2. Select a gift or let them select their own
Recipients can shop your store and choose the reward that’s perfect for them. Corporate Swag, Gourmet foods, Gift Card or Custom Boxes we can create for you.

3. We ship, pack and take care of everything
Our team handles all the logistics once we receive the order. We’ll send a message alerting your team member that their gift is on the way. We can provide custom messages, branded poly bags and custom boxes.

Gifts & Programs

Selecting Quality and Thoughtful Rewards
We identify and select top brands with unlimited gifts and ideas for your team to choose from. No more guessing what they like. Branded and unbranded gifts such as gift cards, vacations and donations. We offer collections at almost any budget. It is your store. The selections are endless and custom solutions are what we do best.

Gift Campaigns and Programs
We offer gift campaigns including Pride Month, Employee Appreciation, Women’s History Month, Black History Month; to name a few. CS4 allows companies to recognize & celebrate key cultural moments. We also provide discounts to 501c, clubs and fundraising efforts, to help you support your community.

How it works

Gifts Alerts by Email
We make giving simple and receiving easy. Send a message by email or text and they get a personal message for their first day, birthday, anniversary, sales kick off or just because they get a link to your store. You can send single gifts or automate campaigns and programs of any size.

No address needed. Do not worry about the shipping details
All you need is an email or you can even send a text message. Recipients provide their shipping info when they accept your gift. Recipients can swap for something else.

No Address Needed - don’t worry about the shipping details
All you need is an email (or phone number to a text message if preferred!). Recipients provide their shipping info when they accept your gift. And recipients can swap for something else!

Choose the Gift – or let them!
Recipients can accept the gift you choose or they can choose from a many other great gift ideas. Use points, codes, vouchers, or collect payments. You decide how you want to give gifts that make people feel recognized.

Automatic Shipping
Once a gift is selected it’s shipped to the recipient’s address of choice. They are also notified by email or text that their gift has shipped.

Connect & Automate

Connect Your HR System
Automate your corporate reward and incentives programs. We will connect your Human Resources technology to automate your recognition program and create a seamless employee appreciation experience. Create a trigger on employees’ work anniversary to send a automated gift.

Status updates - Thank you notes - All in one place
Track all your gifts in your CS4 dashboard. Recipients’ thank you notes all in one place.

The CS4 Difference

It’s Your Store - Have it Your Way!
Submit your company logo, pick the items you want to offer, and we’ll do the rest! We handle it all: gift curation, design, fulfillment, packaging, shipping. All you need to do is choose the recipients!

Custom Solution and Experience
With over 35 years of experience in design and branding ,CS4 has design and development resources that can integrate your system, create campaigns, and custom digital and design solutions. If you can think it, we can built it.

No setup fee, no monthly fees, no storage fees